Friday, 9 January 2009

In the beginnning...

In the beginning there was nothing. And then there was....the internet. And we saw that it was good (well, mostly).

And so the arteest (proper pronunciation) has arrived at blogs. She has grappled with pencils, paints, websites and irrational customers, so why not blogs.

A blog seemed to be the most sensible way to keep my multitue of fans (I believe I am up to at least three, not including the dog) up to date on my location and artistic scrabblings. For yes dear people, this artist is fed up, shockingly, of Melton Mowbray. I am off to Australia on 2nd March to travel around, inflict myself upon the Aussies and generally see what happens. For christmas I recieved a new A4 hard-backed pad and a travel pack for paint brushes. It did leave me feeling about 5 once again, but of course it means I can easily continue doodling my way across the world with ease, and I hope some of you may like to check back every now and then as to what I'm doing.

Now all I need to do is get through these next 7 and a bit weeks without;
a) inadvertantly spending all my savings
b) suffering attacks of panic because 'oh my lord everyone there will think I'm a nutter'
c) worrying that when I remove a relationship status from the ever present and omipotent 'Facebook', a number of people will write upon my wall or comment upon this action with helpful phrases such as "OMG!!!!111 What happened babe??"

Legitimate worries I feel.

As well as all of this, I must continue drawing, and hope for the best.