Friday, 17 April 2009


So I made it.
And it's all a bit weird.

Still suffering pretty badly, not necessarily from jetlag, but constant spinning head syndrome. I imagine going up, down, up then down again isn't natural. It's messes with your mind man.

So I've been here about three days and I'm trying to get my head around things. I'm staying with relatives which is very nice and helpful for thine wallet, yet I think it's making it harder too. I'm very far out of the centre (much further than in London) and staying with people you know means you aren't thrown in the deep end with other travellers. Whish sort of sucks.

I also hope I can land a job soon, if I can it means I'll have more freedom to do my coastal trip huzzah! For now I shall keep my eyes peeled, perhaps stay in a hostel for a few nights to socialise with some other people. Though I reckon I'll have to sleep a bit more first, and get rid of this irritating spinning head. Arrrg!