Sunday, 16 May 2010

Victorious at the Fabrika Gallery Competition

So, as sad and tragic as it may seem to you, I was horribly giddy when I was voted as the winning artist at the Fabrika Gallery Open Exhibition. Mainly due to the fact that the last time I won some sort of vaguely arty competition I a) was 6 years old and b) won a £5 book token and c) had made a (admittedly awesome) Christmas mobile of Santa and his reindeers. So yes, winning a two week exhibition in the Nottingham branch of The Art Organisation Gallery was pretty darn cool if I do say so myself.

I admit I could probably have handled the situation with a little more finesse. I looked a little more like a babbling red faced idiot rather than a suave, icy cool arteeest. Typical. When my victory was announced I was so shocked I just giggled like an imbecile (not sexy or mysterious at all), and when some man shouted "Speech!" I replied with "Urrr.....thanks!" How articulate I am in pressured situations.

I went even further when later a gaggle of people were gathered around my winning picture, Lightning Bolt, and some dude asked me what it meant. I replied "It's a girl on a board." Nice. I am sure he went away feeling artistically fulfilled.

Because of course, she isn't just a girl on a board. She is an awesome chick having a ball, doing just what guys do as well. She's effortless, she's sexy, she's brilliant. It's what I try to capture in all my portraits of girls, because essencially, men just aren't as good as us. We are awesome.

So long live Lightning Bolt.


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