Friday, 18 June 2010

So, my new boyfriends ex-girlfriend is a bit of a nutter...

Good grief.

It is a little frightening to see how much bitterness can eat somebody up. In my 8 years of (often bizzare) experiences since my very first boyfriend (ahh Pete, braces and dates in McDonalds) I have never encountered someone so very manipulative and downright pathetic. Everyone does have their problems with ex's it's true, and I am no exception. But whether you are the new girl or the old one, nothing excuses being such an arse.

I am far to stuck up and have too much pride to say anything about an old boyfriends new piece of ass. I may think it of course- "She is quite hot but I am well cooler and have much better hair, plus Trev told me she did it with Dan on a bus while she was dating Tom, what a skank..." etc etc. But these words would not leave my lips while in conversation with my old boyfriend. Because a) it's mean b) spiteful and c) often total bollocks.

However, my new boyfriend seems to have an ex who is, in fact, looney. Considering she ended the relationship herself due to unfaithfulness, you would think perhaps she may be a little more humble, especially as my man still helped her get work and offered her accomodation with a family member as she is from Australia. Nice, mais oui? Not enough apparently.

In the grand scheme of life one does not slag off your mum, your best mate and your girlfriend. But she managed all three in a recent conversation with my him in the space of roughly 5 minutes. Nice work love! Apparently I'm ugly, definately not as pretty as all his other ex-girlfriends.

How charming.

My feelings were actually a little hurt by this. Why would she say such a thing and be unecessarily obnoxious? I admit I am no ravishing long haired, tight butted goddess, but I'm alroit I reckon. As does my boyfriend.

Oh dear, bit sad really. But meh, I know I'm not a minger and I am also not a loser. I am dating a nice boy, and I draw pretty cool pictures (according to some, naturally I only listen to them as they clearly have excellent taste) and I have lavely mates. What else do you need ey?

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