Tuesday, 8 June 2010

So it's June, so obviously it's raining....

...how vastly irritating. Murphy's Law does, I'm convinced, follow me where ever I go. I managed to get myself a part time job afew weeks ago (as, shockingly, being an artist makes you bugger all money, unless you're at ease covering a dirty bed with used condoms or cutting mammals in half) and somehow I ended up working every day last week. And so I stood indoors, gazing out at the sunshine.

This week I have one shift. And it pisses with rain.


Mind you, I have felt oddly musey this week. I have been busy doodling away at my cartoons and begun some new paintings.

Is it disturbing that I will sometimes take out old Wuss 'n Boots cartoons and begin laughing hysterically at the jokes. Jokes which I myself came up with. Jokes I know, and have read over and over. Yet still members of my family may bumble into my room and find me giggling ridiculously clutching one of my own drawings.

How odd.

One of these particular cartoons included one based on my childhood. Up until the age of about 9 I genuinely believed dinsaurs were extint because (and I am quoting my father here) they all farted at the same time and poisoned each other. People must have thought I was an idiot child....

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